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Analyst: Apple iPad Shocker – No 7″ iPad coming! Or Duh, I need a Headline to Grab Readers…

A few weeks ago, “rumors” were floating around that Apple:

will build the smaller slate to “cope with increasing market competition including the 7-inch Kindle Fire from Amazon and the launch of large-size smartphones from handset vendors.”

Now, a new “in the know” person is stating nope.

A new note from Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair suggests that Apple has no such plans, however, and it will stick to a 9.7-inch panel when it launches new iPad models next year.

Conjecture and crap. If you ARE interested in a 7″ tablet, buy a fire or Nook Tablet, but be prepared to live with the issues found there. If you watch Apple closely, like I’d like to think I do, (and I expect “analysts should…”) you’d know that Apple never bends to “market competition” to release a product. They find opportunity in redefining a market space (iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air) or creating a market (iPad). Even then Apple designs the best product they can at the time within a reasonable cost margin and a expectantly realistic, even if high(er) retail price to provide profit…

Apple has not chased (or raced) to the bottom for a price point. Nor have they ever reacted to “fictitious” market pressure to create a competing product just to say… “Look we make that too…”

Here is what I believe. Apple will NOT create a smaller iPad. If that was the right thing for the MARKET THEY CREATED Apple would have launched with a 7″ tablet not the 9.7″ one that has 90% of the market. Yes, I said 90% of the market. The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet are grown up ereaders not a multi-purpose tablet device that, oh yeah, can be used as an ereader too.

Oh, just to put this out there, a 4″ or 4.5″ iPhone is not in the cards either… Can I be wrong? Yup, just like these other “professional analysts” and reporter bozos chasing headlines to grab readers.

The thing to understand about Apple versus “others” is that Apple doesn’t shotgun the market and hope to make enough on what DOES sell to offset what doesn’t. The do all of that “market research” in-house and release a single product. Then they iterate the hell out of it to make it as perfect as possible.

I saw at least a half dozen new Windows Phone devices, but the Lumia stood apart, in my mind. The other thing that struck me, looking at so many devices at once, is that Apple has only shipped three iPhone hardware designs, total. Three. – John Gruber – from “I want to say just one word to you. Just one word” in November posts.(1)

They do offer “options”, but those are simply easily exchanged component parts, memory, drive space, etc… Watch for Apple to continue to consolidate its current lines – they just killed off support for the original older iPod in favor of the touch and Nano, they eliminated the MacBook and priced the Air there – while broadening/revolutionizing into new markets (television?). Think of what annoys you about current industries or what does not exist today, but would benefit instinctively and you have some insight into where you will find Apple tomorrow.

Will I be wrong? Much less often…

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