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Moving to new digs…

Please pardon me if things get a bit strange here in the next couple of days as I am going to be changing web hosts from to while I have been very impressed by WordPress and grateful for the free blog hosting from I have some additional goal for my site that I simply accomplish while on My domain name will not change, will simply be moved to siteground.

What I do expect to change will be my template, although I really like the one I am currently using, and I know that there will be something out there (possibly even the same template) that will be clean. Also, I can imagine that my sidebar information will be wonky for a bit as well. Please hang with me for a few days while I straighten all of the template and connection issues out.

On the positive side, being off of will allow me to bring back my iPhone / iPad recommendation page, as well as some other scripting that I have been missing for the past year. Additionally, with Apple’s phasing out of MobileMe’s iWeb component, my information sub-site needs a new home as well and siteground will allow me to pull these sites back onto one home.

Again, I apologize for any oddness to my site in the next couple of days.


  • Jennifer Wagner says:

    I have used siteground for almost 4 years now —

    July 26, 2011 at 9:18 pm

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