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Frustration in Writing and Converging



I CAN’T WRITE! I just came through an amazing conference where ideas swirled, images amazed, and videos were so impactful that we laughed, were made breathless, and teared up… yet, here I am blocked. 

So blocked in fact that I was considering shuttering my sites (which still receive traffic, but have been neglected for almost a year), merging the three I setup for different purposed, changing platform (move to Joomla), and just for an instant tossing my MacBook Pro across the room… I hate this. I hate this… I HATE THIS!

Nike+ FuelBand SE Announced

Nike+ FuelBand SE

Nike+ FuelBand SE

After a year and a half, Nike has announced the successor to the FuelBand. The Nike+ FuelBand SE. All of the FuelBand goodness with a little bit more.

Overall, the form factor has not changed. A simple black band with a single button and an area of glowing led’s as a display. Personally, I have loved the form factor and am glad they did not make substantive changes to it. I like that the entire band is a uniform black until one pushes a button, them the display comes to life and slowly fades out to a uniform black again.  After having my original FuelBand for the past year and a half, it continues to turn heads or act as a conversation starter.

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Unobtrusive: shouldn’t that be the goal of “wearable” technology?!

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Image credit:VentureBeat

With all of the iPhone pre-launch rumors going around, the conversations inevitably turn to what “other” products might Apple launch, or how Apple no longer innovates or creates markets since the passing of Steve Jobs… At the same time, other manufacturers are pressing into the “wearable technology” future. In the spring, Google launched the “Explorer” version of Glass. Tomorrow, Samsung is expected to launch a new line of Galaxy Smart Accessories, including a Galaxy Smart Watch. The question that has been rolling around in my head is: What is the purpose of these devices? What should be the goal of wearable technology?

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Wordgames – Why the need for buzzwords in Education?

Educational Buzzwords

Buzz is the new Education

Tell me, what do you think of when you hear, ‘pre-certified”, “pre-driven”, “pre-owned”, or my favorite “new to you”… or how about antique, patina, pre-washed, aged, retro, or distressed?  These words are just spin, glitz, marketing hype for terms we already have: used or old. Why have we decided to play this buzzword game in education?  It appears that no one is immune – in one of the Hack Education sessions before ISTE 2013, Scott McLeod, stated that he was starting to shift language when talking about curriculum from “rigor” to “vigor”… The logic he presented was the perception of the connotation of the root words -rigor: like rigor mortise, death, decay, finality… versus -vigor: vigorous vitality, energy, alive. Why? For those of you who do not know Scott, he is an amazing individual and thinker, I just completely disagree with him on this point, and disagree with the jargonization of education. What is incorrect with rigor when discussing curricula and pedagogy? Rigorous, difficult, challenging, demanding, unyielding, strict…

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